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Manscaping... It's time for a little spring cleaning


To groom a man. shaving, waxing, trimming and/or cleaning up the superfluous fur.

Hey, Jethro, isn't it time to do a little manscaping?

Urban Dictionary

Spring has sprung, the weather is warmer and let’s face it ,men and women get a little frisky. Nearly 50 percent of women prefer their partner to be either totally or partially hair-free, found a 2014 study from Indiana University. If you want to take the plunge yourself, it’s important to set the stage the right way.

'Hey dude we still hitting the clubs on Saturday night?'

'Yeah but I gotta manscape abit first, it's like a jungle down there!'

Now, you don’t want to start by taking your razor directly to your lush, luxurious bush—that wouldn’t be a pleasant experience. That thick thatch of hair is sprouted atop sensitive terrain, where even the slightest misstep can send you into a world of hurt.

According to journal Urology, emergency room-worthy injuries sustained while manscaping pubic hair spiked 5 times higher over the last 8-years. These included painful things like cuts, rashes, scrapes, and abscesses. So before you take the pube-free plunge consult a professional.

Manscaping can be a combination of shaving, trimming and waxing. To be clear, a Manzilian or BROzilian is the male version of a female brazilian wax. Traditionally, a brazilian wax is the removal of ALL the hair in the pubic region. The areas include: above the pubic bone, penis, scrotum, perineum, (the area between the scrotum and the sphincter) and the crack (in-between the cheeks). Now you don't have to have all the hair removed. Most me have the procedure customized to their specific preferences, including a combination pf waxing and trimming.

For you guys who have never experienced a brazilian wax, there is some pain involved. Hate to break it to you guys, its true, men usually have a lower tolerance of pain than women. Now that does not mean you won’t be able to withstand the “sensation”, the benefits far out weigh the pain. I recommend taking a pain reliever 30 minutes before treatment. This helps subside some of the discomfort.

Generally, there are 2 types of wax, soft wax and hard wax. Soft wax, which can come in the honey and resin varieties, can come with calming minerals and agents added to help ease the experience. Soft wax is first applied with an applicator and then a strip of muslim or pellon is laid on top, then pulled off quickly. Adhering to the hair, the swift action oils the hair all the way from the root. Hard wax requires no strip. After hard wax is applied it hardens and is pulled quickly in the same process. Hard wax is usually used in the private areas. It is much better for sensitive skin and can harden to any surface area, thus adhering to all the hairs in the hard to get nooks and crannies.

All men enjoy the fact that their private area remains hair-free and smooth much longer than with shaving. Most do not need to come in for another waxing for three to six weeks. Compare it to a few days for shaving a trimming, waxing is the better way to go! Hair grows back much softer and less dense, with none of that irritating stubble regrowth. After each treatment, hair also grows back in finer and softer, so subsequent waxing treatments tend to be easier on the skin in the area.

What kind of man gets a Brazilian?

If you ask me, my manzilian clients run the gamut. Straight men, gay men, married men, business execs to blue collar workers, young and old. They all have their own reasons to go pube-free. Some say their girl friends or wives make them do it. For some men, it is purely a matter of aesthetics; they like the look of smooth skin in the area and they don’t have to worry about stray hairs peeking out from under their underwear or bathing suits. Others enjoy the ease of keeping the area clean and odor-free. Athletes, especially body builders and swimmers, are beginning to choose the Brazilian wax treatment prior to big competitions for both performance and appearance.

What to Know before a Brazilian Wax

Men who are interested in a Brazilian wax for the first time should know that hair needs to be between 1/4 and 1 inch long to respond best to the waxing. If the area has recently been shaved, most hair removal technicians recommend waiting two to three weeks before undergoing the wax procedure. If hair is too long, the technician can trim the area before applying the wax for best results. Before the procedure, it is important to thoroughly clean and exfoliate the area. Avoid using lotion right before treatment, since this can make the skin slippery and affect the treatment results. After a Brazilian wax, it is important to care for the skin properly to avoid red bumps and ingrown hairs. Regular cleaning and exfoliating are a good first step in keeping the skin smooth and problem-free.

Here are some things to keep in mind after your treatment.

  • 1. Avoid excess exercise after your treatment (no gym, or excess sport that will cause sweat and perspiration)

  • 2. No steam rooms, Jacuzzi , hot tubs or the like

  • 3. No sunbeds, spray tans or fake tan applications

  • 4. Avoid hot showers or baths – lukewarm is fine

  • 5. No swimming pools

  • 6. Keep your hands off the waxed skin where possible

  • 7. Avoid sun exposure up to 48 hours before your waxing.

  • 8. Only use products on the skin that are recommended.

  • 9. Do not exfoliate the skin for the first few days

  • 10. Antiseptic creams can be applied for the first few days.

Loose clean clothing is advisable for just after your waxing treatment as the skin may feel slightly tender in certain areas and tight clothing may cause friction and discomfort. With ingrown hair I always feel prevention is so much better than cure!! So after a few days and when the skin does not feel tender exfoliate GENTLY using a suitable skin wash that offers some cleansing and anti bacterial benefits and combine this product with an exfoliating wash cloth like. Do not exfoliate every day as this can cause problems. I recommend that you exfoliate every 2 - 3 days only. It is also really good to exfoliate your skin the day before you wax as it removes any dead skin cells and lifts the hairs and makes for a more comfortable waxing treatment.

Ready to make the plunge?

Make an appointment today at Skin Care for Gents. I am here to answer any questions, and your privacy is my utmost priority. At Skin Care for Gents we use the finest all natural and organic products. With over 10 years of experience in mens waxing, you can rest assure that you are getting the finest that Chicago has to offer.

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